Angel Mama Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

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Yoga Schedule

Adult Gentle Stretch Yoga

Monday's at 6:30 pm   

Kids Yoga

Monday's at 5:30 pm

This is a 45 minute introductory yoga class. Kids have an interesting world to grow up in. Between technology at their fingertips and the stress of everyday life, this class can help your child navigate today’s society with a focus on
Mindfulness in interactions with peers, and family, and moderation in the use of technology.

Classes will focus on celebrating our strong bodies through creative movement improving posture with an emphasis on reducing Tech Neck.. Skills will be taught using breath to increase focus and concentration. Breath work will also be taught to help when the pressure is on, either at school, in difficult interactions with peers, or family.

Let’s load up the kids backpacks early and often with tools to navigate these tricky years!!

Price per Class

$15 Walk In

$10  students and seniors

$60  5 Class Pass